8 Cool DIY Crafts to Make with Pipe Cleaners

8 Cool DIY Crafts to Make with Pipe Cleaners

Want to know what to make with pipe cleaners? If you’re looking for DIY craft projects you can get your hands on, this list is for you. Not only can you make cute and colorful crafts, but you can also turn them into fabulous home decors. It’s so easy, it’s just a twist of a pipe cleaner. Have fun!

If you think pipe cleaners are just for cleaning, you have it wrong. Did you know that there are so much cool DIY crafts you can make with them. They’re easy to work with sometimes just require a few twists and turns. So if you want to make pipe cleaner crafts, get some ideas and inspiration here.

Simple Pipe Cleaner Activity

Want to keep the kids entertained for hours, give them some pipe cleaners and a noodle strainer.

Cute Pipe Cleaner Dog

Don’t have a dog or need a friend for your pet?Master making the toy poodle first, and then the other animal designs will be a snap for you to make.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Statement Necklaces

I have such a fun DIY inspired post for you all today. As you can tell from the title and images, I have created some pretty cool statement necklaces using pipe cleaners! I have been wanting to do a pipe cleaner crown how-to for a few months, but decided to scrap.

Friendly, Furry Monster Gift Bag

This is a nice way to give gifts out to little ones.I love pretty papers.  So much. SO MUCH.  If I had all the money and space in the world, I would buy ALL the pretty papers, and hoard them.  Just like I used to stow away my pretty stationary kits, pulling them out not to write letters, but rather just to admire the beautiful paper and matching envelopes.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Want to make something cute and easy? This is a pipe cleaner craft that will only take you 10 minutes to make.These pipe cleaner finger puppets are super easy to put together.  In less than 10 minutes you can make one little puppet for each little finger.   I love buying craft supplies from the dollar store, but I’m usually stumped on what to do with pipe cleaners.   But these puppets are a great use of dollar store materials!

Straw Geodesic Dome & Sphere from Pipe Cleaner

Give your kids a taste of engineering with this fun and easy pipe cleaner craft project.

Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher

A quick and easy way to make a dream catcher. Just grab some pipe cleaners and yarn and you’re done.

Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots

You don’t always need fresh flower to decorate your home. Sometimes, all you need are some craft supplies and pipe cleaners.